Annual General    Meeting - Thursday     21st November

     In addition to the normal business of an AGM there is always an outside speaker. Non-members are very welcome to attend the latter talk.

The Buckingham Society's Constitution has been updated to take account of Charity commission and other changes. The amended version, dated September 2019, is available by clicking on this link.  .Constitution


Buckingham Trader of the Year 2019 - November and December

The Buckingham Society created this award in 2016 and now, every year, for three weeks in November, shoppers in Buckingham are able to pick up a form from local shops or from members of the Buckingham Society and nominate their favourite local town trader.


The award goes to the local trader who the people of Buckingham think represents all that is good about the town and its shops based on criteria such as friendliness, quality of service, excellence of window display and the variety and quality of goods sold.


Unlike with many such competitions, the Buckingham Society does not ask people to vote on line. We believe that the best trader in Buckingham should be chosen by people who actually come into the town to use the shops and other services available here.


In addition to seeking the towns favourite trader, Buckingham people also choose their favourite cafe or restaurant.


The awards are presented at the annual switch-on of the towns Christmas lights.