“Trees at Stowe” The Buckingham Society Annual lecture and Garden Party Thursday 14th July 2022

The Society’s annual lecture was held in the auditorium at the University of Buckingham Vinson Building. The speaker was Barry Smith, National Trust Head Gardener for Stowe and Aylesbury Vale. He proved to be a well informed and enthusiastic speaker, having worked at Stowe for his whole career. He gave a fascinating account of some of the unique and beautiful trees in the enchanting grounds of Stowe. Many of those who had the privilege of hearing him said that they were inspired to visit Stowe and explore.

The garden party which followed the lecture was held in the gardens of Ondaatje Hall with the kind permission of Professor James Tooley, the University Vice Chancellor. The event was attended by 70 members and guests, who were able to use the opportunity to explore the hall’s beautiful and extensive gardens, whilst enjoying drinks and canapes.

The evening continued the proud tradition of delightful Summer parties held by the Society and (as is also traditional), many guests were extremely reluctant to leave!